My First Experience Using Glossier Makeup

Hi everyone!

I took a while (2 1/2 months) during this lockdown away from my blog. I’ve barely even looked at my stats. I needed to just process everything and if I’m honest I’ve wanted to have a break from the blog for a long time and felt while I had a lot more time at home to reflect and just sit with myself, this was a great opportunity. Hope you understand, and thankyou for coming back!

The week before lockdown (23rd March) I made my first order from

I was going to post this that week, but I decided it wasn’t the right time and also now I’m glad I didn’t as I’ve had time to properly use the products to give you a full review!

I purchased the Boy Brow + Balm Dotcom + Futuredew set.

To start, the packaging is great! It comes in a recyclable cardboard box with a bubble wrap zip bag inside, this is so handy to reuse as a makeup bag for holidays!

I was the most interested and excited about this product, the Futuredew serum. I thought I could use it as a primer but during lockdown I’ve worn it almost every day without makeup and it’s given me so much confidence in my own skin!

It’s a sticky product but once on the skin it settles and dries then adds a naturally gorgeous glow!

I’ve barely worn makeup during this lockdown and felt so confident to leave the house just like this (that’s a big deal for me haha).

I have used Benefit Gimme Brow for years but felt like a change. I love this product Boy Brow, and the colour ‘Brown’ is a perfect match for me.

The only thing I will say about this, is that its quite a liquidy product and not like gimme brow which I would describe as more ‘bitty’ (I hope you know what I mean 😂).

I do find myself brushing it on, then using an eyebrow brush to spread it out more as it can go on quite wet and in leave a sort of chunky residue.

Birthday Balm Dotcom lip balm

This lipbalm has a subtle glittery base which adds something extra to what is essentially a clear lip balm

I don’t specifically dislike this product but I just find it quite mediocre. It smells incredible (like vanilla) but it doesn’t stay on that long.

Thankyou for reading my review!

I have a refer a friend link and if you’d like to purchase anything from them I would LOVE it if you could use my code 💕 you also get 10% off your order!

Have you tried any Glossier products?

Natt xx

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