My Stitchfix Experience & Honest Review (plus £15 off the items in YOUR first box)

Hey everyone!

One of my close friends Aimie, sent me a referral link to Stitchfix. She always struggles with shopping for new clothes and decided to sign up to this website and let their personal stylists do the work for her.

When she told me she’d tried it and loved it I was way too curious not to have a go myself. I used the referral link and recieved £25 credit straight into my Stitchfix account.

Firstly, you tell the website all about your style by doing a ‘swipe right’ on different styles you like or don’t like so they can get an idea of what you’d be happy with receiving. You then tell the website your style a d shape in more detail, height, weight and body shape.

You can leave the stylist notes such as your favourite colour,or events you have coming up that you’d like them to pick an outfit specifically for.

After filling in your details a fee of £10 is taken from you for the stylist which is refundable if you choose to buy the qn item or the lot!

You pick a delivery date and wait for your personally chosen items to arrive. I placed my order on 3rd March and the soonest option for delivery was 10th March which I selected.

Tuesday 10th March

My items arrived today!

Stitch fix review

The box wasnt too big so I knew I probably wasn’t receiving a coat or shoes.

The clothing was packaged in tissue paper and enclosed we’re some leaflets on how to style my items.

Item #1

This gorgeous polka dot pleated midi skirt is from Oasis. I absolutely loved this skirt but it’s quite similar to other items in my wardrobe.

Item #2

Ruffled red floral blouse – this is super pretty and such good quality. It’s £45 so a little pricey for a blouse but would look great dressed up or down.

Item #3

Vero Moda leopard print maxi skirt. It’s leopard print and has pockets… need I say more?!

Item #4 (pictured with leopard skirt below)

A Black ruffle t shirt from a brand called Mauvette. I cannot for the life of me find this brand or top to link but I felt it made my arms look a little chubby!

Item #5

White boxy tee. I have alot of similar items in my wardrobe but I must admit this tee was super comfy! It’s by a brand called Editors Cut which again I can’t seem to find online.

From the whole box, I decided to keep the leopard print skirt!

I went onto the site and selected the item I wanted to keep and the items I wanted to return. This skirt was £25 for which I used my credit so I didn’t pay a single penny for the whole experience!

The real beauty of it is that you can try items on with the pieces that already exist in your wardrobe. I’m a nightmare for buying random items of clothing then getting home and realising I have nothing to go with it! So this idea is great if you’re like me.

If you use my referral link you’ll recieve £15 credit! It’s well worth it as you don’t pay a penny for any of it and can return the items if you don’t want anything but you may as well order something just for a free £15 item!

I would highly recommend doing this guys and gals! I will definitely be getting another box and treating myself to something new!

Let me know if you use my link and how you get on! Any questions? Leave them below and I’ll try my best to answer! 👇

Natt xx