My Hair Journey

Hi everyone!

Grab yourself a cuppa guys, this ones a lengthy post!

First off, all cards on the table… until last month hadn’t had my hair cut since July 2018 (don’t come for me). This is not at a post to encourage this terrible behaviour 😂 but more of a ‘how NOT to treat your hair’ kind of guide.

It wasn’t at all my intention to go so long without a haircut, it was just pure laziness. Time flies by and I honestly just didn’t get round to booking an appointment until recently. I don’t dye my hair anymore, I haven’t since around mid 2016 when I was still in my ombre days and the occasional use of clip in hair extensions (aka the devil).

I’ve had a rocky relationship with my hair over the years. I had beautiful long and all one length hair in my early teens, then 3 weeks before my year 11 prom I had it cut into a bob and dyed jet black. I thought I would love it and I honestly hated it. My mum told me I would and I should’ve listened but we never do!

I also had a fringe cut in for some weird reason!

I wore clip in hair extensions which I would buy and then dye my hair and the extensions the same coloured home box dye. Look how absolutely rancid they were aswell… what was I thinking?! Absolutely no blending involved.

I wore them for years and they ruined my hair, I was careless and pulled and tugged at them and it slowly created 2 bald patches about the size of a 50p piece above both of my ears. I could hide it by pushing my hair behind my ears but I was devestated. I purchased a half wig from Rehab Hair London and wore that until I felt comfortable leaving my hair to do it’s own thing.

I did dye my hair after that but vowed only to do this at the hairdressers.

I was desperate to be blonde and after numerous visits to the hairdressers I had ombre hair which I had toner applied to regularly to maintain an ashey, silver colour and even at one point pink!

I guess we all play around with our hair and I’m glad I finally stopped when I realised the pay off wasn’t worth the damage it was doing. I wanted long healthy hair and I knew that I just had to leave it alone and take good care of it. At this point in time I was using the Lee Stafford ‘hair that never grows past a certain length‘ range. This stuff was great, I slowly adapted my collection and added a more luxury mask I would use once a week. This mask was the Redken all soft Mega Mask, I loved how this made my hair feel.

I may have been slow to the party, but this was also the time when I realised you need to wash your hair twice with shampoo!

My hair has now been described by my friends as ‘virgin hair‘ and honestly that’s the best compliment!

I’m now using Head and Shoulders Supreme Repair Shampoo and Redken All Soft Conditioner. I then use Loreal Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream on the ends of my hair and either dry most of it with a hairdryer or leave it to air dry.

As much as I feel super content with my hair at the moment, I always love recommendations! Comment below anything you think I would love and don’t forget to tag me in your hair blog posts.

Natt xx