Things to know before visiting Phuket, Thailand

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently come back from an amazing holiday to Thailand and thought I’d share all the amazing things I did while I was there and my recommendation

Firstly, we booked our holiday through a local travel agents that we always use called One World Travel in Beverley. I’d highly recommend following them on their Facebook page, they post amazing deals weekly on there and their customer service is incredible! We paid around £2200 for the 2 of us staying in the 5* Metadee Resort and Spa in Phuket for 8 days with a pool access room.

We flew with Etihad from Manchester and had a small stop over of 3 hours in Abu Dhabi both ways. MAN to AUH was 6 1/2 hours then AUH to HKT(Phuket) was around 7 1/2 hours.

I have never done a long haul before and we have already decided that the travelling was way too much and next time we fly long haul we will stop over in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a couple of days to split up the travelling.

Once we FINALLY arrived to Phuket we was greeted at the airport with a private transfer which took around an hour to get to our hotel.

Our room had pool access, a queen size bed and huge bathroom!

We was also greeted with a fruit platter including my favourite fruit of all… Dragon Fruit!

I would highly recommended learning some key Thai words such as Hello and Thank you. The Thai people are extremely kind and it’s only fair to speak to them in their own language to the best of your ability.

If you’re like me and ALWAYS get bit when you’re away this place is going to ruin you. I took bite repellant but it didn’t work at all! Try to remember to close your balcony door as we made this mistake for a short time when we first arrived and that night I was bit around 12 times! I’m still covered in scars from the bites 2 weeks on.

We had already wrote down a list of things we wanted to do while we was there. I would highly recommend doing thing as there is so much to do and you can get caught up in it all and forget what you actually wanted to do!

The Big Buddah

Maya Islands

We booked this trip through our rep. We visited 3 islands, it included lunch on Racha Noi which was gorgeous and dolphin spotting. This was 1200 baht each which is about £30.

Patong Beach

We visited Patong beach twice as it was only a 15min tuk tuk ride from our hotel which cost 400 baht (around £10).

This was a WHOLE experience. It was a crazy mix of shopping and then some seriously seedy bars. It’s hard not to just stop and stare at people! The beach itself isn’t as beautiful as others as it’s very regularly used however it beats a Spanish beach any day!

We really wanted to visit an elephant sanctuary but unfortunately never got the chance. We did see lots of Elephant Treking excursions but this wasn’t something we wanted to do as we feel its cruel to the Elephants.

Dino Park Mini Golf Kata Beach

This is extremely random but was super fun! We stumbled across this dinosaur themed bar one evening and noticed they had a mini golf out back. We paid 300 baht each (£7.50ish) and it was so worth it! The mini golf had 18 holes and it was HUGE we went up mini hills, across a stream and through the cave of a mini mountain, passing huge dinosaur statues along the way. The whole set was made out of some form of foam but a great experience nonetheless.

I would say some things you REALLY need to do are

  • Travel by tuk tuk
  • Visit the Big Buddah
  • Eat the street food
  • Learn some Thai
  • Visit their beautiful islands
  • Experience Patong Beach at night

During out time there we ate out every lunch and dinner, visited lots of places and only spent around £800 between us. You dont need a lot of money here to have great time. I cant wait til my next visit and I will make sure I visit an elephant sanctuary!

Have you been to Thailand?

Leave your recommendations below

Natt xx


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