Primark ‘False Lash Queen’ Mascara Honest Review

Hi everyone!

I’m back again with another honest review! Today it’s the Primark False Lash Queen mascara. Look familiar? You could say Primark took ‘inspiration’ from the TooFaced ‘Better than Sex’ mascara.

I have fairly long eyelashes naturally and feel like I usually get along with most mascaras but my absolute fave has always been Benefit Rollerlash. This Primark mascara brush is completely different to what I’m used to. The bristles are more like a brush which are great to comb the lashes.


Here I have no mascara on and have curled my lashes using the Tweezerman pro curl lash curler in rose gold!


I used the technique of combing my lashes in a zig zag motion upwards. I have used large brushes before and had to use my Benefit Rollerlash to brush out the clumps but I didn’t need to comb them separately at all!

This Mascara is £3.00! Even if you’re not completely sold, it won’t break the bank just to give it a try!

Have you tried this mascara or any other Primark mascara?

I have another Primark Beauty related blog post coming next month!

PS… (no pun intended) –  Rumour has it Primark are trialing online and I am totally here for it!

Natt xx


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