Honest Review of the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year!

I may be really late to this party but if I’m honest I’ve never really been that fussed about changing up my skincare routine. I love Clinique but I also love trying new things! I noticed the Pixi range was on offer at boots and I’ve heard amazing things about their glow tonic so I decided to buy the mini version and give it a whirl.

My skin is dry combination and I love to use radiant primers and highlighter drops to make my skin more glowy. Before using this I used my Clinique take the day off balm to wash my face. I used a cotton pad to lightly wipe the glow tonic across my face.

I didn’t see too much difference at first and I honestly just felt it made my skin a little pinker. However I know it’s a gradual thing that I will notice more over time…

I have now been using this for around 2 months. This post was scheduled for this week anyway but today (Christmas Eve) I just got home to the most amazing package from Pixi themselves!

How lucky am I?! A huge thankyou to everyone at Pixi Beauty for this amazing gift. I can now use this forever and continue to top it up with more glow tonic!

It’s become such a huge part of my makeup and skincare routine and I’m so happy I’ve found something that actually does what it says on the tin/bottle. It’s changed my routine completely, I still use my Clinique moisturisers and face washes but I always use this after washing my face in the morning and evening! If you’re like me and have dry combination skin that’s lacking in glow, I really would recommend this. Even if you just try a tester bottle, I’m sure like me you’ll be hooked!

What are you plans for 2019? Did you make any resolutions?

Natt xx


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