Makeup Revolution Pressed Glitter Palette Review & Swatches

Hi everyone!

I saw these palettes on Instagram last week and was shook! I LOVE glitter so naturally I was drawn to this. I went with ‘hot pursuit’ as these colours match my usual choice of makeup well (pinks, golds and reds).

This is a pressed glitter palette so it is messy and the glitter themself are chunky so don’t expect to have them glide on your lids like silk, it’s more of a dab than a blend action needed to get the full use of these colours.

I would recommend investing in a glitter glue, I used one here for the swatches as they were not cooperating at all without one. I’ve seen some amazing looks on Instagram with this palette and really wanted to give it a try myself!

Here I’ve added ‘ignite’ over a rust orange base colour

This Youtube Video by SophDoesNails is a great video to help you get to grips with all the new glitter palettes!

Have you got any of these new palettes?

Natt xx


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