Dolly Lashes (Lash Lift and Tint) Review

Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks as I went on holiday! I got super sick while I was away and only just started to recover this past week.

Before I went away I treat myself to a little pampering. Last year I had eyelash extensions and even though they looked lovely, I just found them to be a huge hindrance and awkward when washing my face. I decided to get ‘Dolly Lashes’ done, which is basically just a lift and tint.

I unfortunately don’t have an image of my lashes before, however this is an image of my lashes before with mascara. I’ve added this to show that I now don’t need to wear mascara at all as it gives the same effect!





They’re so full and feathery!

The lash technition discussed the process with me before the treatment and also asked if I’d prefer them curled or straight. I opted for curled as I thought this would suit my eyes best. I use Benefit Rollerlash Mascara and this gives my lashes a curled effect so I knew I would love the results.

Firstly she permed the lashes, then dyed them before adding a moisturiser. The process took around 45 minutes and I had my eyes closed the whole time, which I found really relaxing. The results were instant and she explained they would last 6-8weeks, plus there was an offer on at the salon and it only cost £20!

I would really recommend getting these, especially if you’re going on holiday. Don’t worry about the chlorine or salt water, just don’t get them wet for the first 24hours after the treatment.

Have you had these done before? What was your experience like?

Natt xx


  1. I’ve never had this process done but have looked into it a couple of times. I have eyelash extensions and although I love them, it is difficult to apply any sort of eyeshadow etc and they often have a mind of their own – they point in different directions, mostly down and into my eye 🙄😂
    After getting this treatment done, do you feel like your lashes have been damaged at all? And do you feel like the results have stayed? Oh, and is it sore?

    1. I felt exactly the same! I also had the same worry about damage and I have not seen any damage of loss to my lashes at all. The after image was taken a couple of hours after the treatment and my lashes look exactly the same now which is amazing! And it isn’t sore at all 🙂 it was completely painless and I haven’t had any problems. They did make sure before thay I had a patch test which I would recommend but I didn’t have any problems with the dye so we went ahead:) xxx

  2. I think this is a happy medium between having eye lash extensions and fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are a bit of a pain for the first couple of minutes and eye lash extensions are a commitment for several weeks. At least with this procedure its your own eye lash.

  3. I think curled lashes bring out your wild side, though it’s a rare kind of wildness mixed with exquisiteness and unforgetableness.

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