Radox Feel Detoxed

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough to be sent a lovely package from Radox last week including their Feel Detoxed range. I suffer with eczema so I have to be careful with skincare, however Radox has always been one of my shower gels of choice as it’s almost always on offer and never irritates my skin. I love floral and fruity smells and this brand new Feel Detoxed range doesn’t disappoint.

This stuff has made me wish I had one of those bath cushions! (I did a home yoga video and then had a bubnle bath with this and I was falling asleep!) Any recommendations? Comment below…

I often use Lush bubble bath bombs as I love the smells but they can be pricey! So finding an alternative is always great.

When I received the Radox Feel Detoxed bubble bath I was so chuffed. It smells amazing and after pouring it into the bath the bubbles were HUGE! The quality you get is for the price (around £1.00 each) is great, plus your skin smells gorgeous after your bath.

The shower gel is definitely something I will repurchase, especially for my holidays. It has a little handle at the top too which is handy for hanging it in the shower. The smell is amazing and I kind of wish they did matching perfumes or aerosols, wouldn’t that be great?!

Whats your favourite ‘Feel’ range from Radox?

Natt xx


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