L’oreal Paradise Mascara Honest Review

Hi everyone!

Back again with another beauty review! I’ve had this mascara for around 2 weeks now and I feel like I’m ready to give an honest review. I’ve seen this mascara all over the internet and on numerous TV adverts, L’oreal have really been plugging this stuff with bloggers creating content for it too so I had high hopes…

Firstly, the brush itself when advertised is a lot cleaner (not so clumpy) so it looks as though it’ll be neat and volumising, however it’s so thick and when releasing it from the tube it doesn’t take off any of the mascara and it’s sooo clumpy!

I love packaging and from a brand like loreal you would expect a good quality high street product. However it’s so cheap feeling and the branding of the name ‘Paradise’ has not been addressed within the packaging or advertising.

Once you’ve worn this clumpy mess all day and come around to taking it off it gets even worse… I use Clinique Face Wash and Garnier Micellar Water (which takes everthing off even waterproof mascara) but this stuff would not budge. It just sat on my skin around my eyes and it looked like I’d been beaten up! It make my skin feel disgusting and took some really hard scrubbing to get off which is not what you want to be doing around a sensitice area like your eyes!

As you can tell, I’m really dissapointed with this product. It’s not often that I can’t find a even just one positive quality in a product but this is definitely the worst mascara I’ve ever used! It’s not cheap for a drugstore product (£11.99) but if you really want give it a go let me know how you get on with it. I’ve tagged it here for you!

Natt xx


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