Clinique NEW 72 hour Moisture Surge Review

Hi Everyone!

I’m sure you’ve seen this stuff plastered all over your Social Media feeds in the past couple of weeks and it’s definitely is something that needs shouting about!

My Mum has always used Clinique so when I stated getting into beauty and makeup my mums makeup bag was where I would go to try out the expensive stuff! I struggled with dry skin due to eczema and always had dry skin around my mouth. My mum bought me the 3 step skin routine around 10 years ago and it saved my skin. Even now, I try and use the 3 step every evening as I know it keeps my skin super soft and healthy.

When I saw that they had updated the formula of Moisture Surge I was a little worried as I know the current formula works for me but I must say this stuff is incredible, I can definitely feel the difference, I use this twice a day, once in the morning before my primer (sometimes mixed in) and then on the evening to end my 3 step routine.

I even picked up a small sample of the Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate which is a stronger version to use alongside the regular Moisture Surge, and it’s great! I’ve added it to my under eyes and I can already see a difference.

Have you tried this stuff yet? What do you think?

Natt xx


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