Makeup Revolution Concealer and Fast Base Foundation Review

Hi everyone!

I know it probably seems like I’m quite late to this party, but this blog post has been long in the making as I really want to make sure I gave a completely honest review of both products for your guys.

I’ll be reviewing both the Conceal and Define Concealer and the Fast Base Foundation. Both products have been highly rated for both their coverage and value for money and I’ve seen them all over the social media and in the news too! So after seeing them over and over I thought I’d have to give them a try.

Conceal and Define Concealer

So, I love this stuff, it’s full coverage and super cheap. HOWEVER, yes it’s only £4 but it runs out so quickly. I’d used this almost everyday for about 3 weeks and couldn’t get anymore out of the bottle. I saw Holly Boon (on youtube) explaining how to take the stopper out of the bottle but although I did that, it still fully ran out.

I probably still would choose this over Tarte Shape Tape however as it’s still substantially cheaper and pretty much the same coverage. I’ve added an image of myself wearing the concealer and foundation together at the bottom of the post.

Fast Base Foundation Stick

Swatches from the top – F12, F6, F4


The first thing I will say about this product is that do NOT judge what colour you will be in the stick by what colour you are in the concealer. I am NC15 in Mac / Ecru in Double Wear for reference. I use C3 in the concealer and that is to brighten, so I purchased the F6 in the foundation and it was way too dark! I got the F12 for contour however and this is a great ashy brown for contouring. I then purchased the F4 for base and I would say this is still a little too dark for me. I may even have to get F2 at this rate and hope that it’s not too pink! I really would recommend going into a Superdrug store and swatching these before purchasing.


The coverage is full and buildable, it’s also really easy to blend as its creamy. However, it is quick sticky and even with my Laura Mercier Radiance primer, it just doesn’t last all day, and for my skin (dry combination) it comes off in patches all around my face. If you’re just nipping to the shops or somewhere for a short amount of time and want something quick and easy to apply this is great, but I wouldn’t recommend it for long wear or a night out, even with a primer.

I’ve added links to Superdrugs website for each of the products 🙂 There’s 3 for 2 on makeup at the moment including these products so get shopping gals!!

Natt xx


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