21 Buttons Review

Hi guys!

I’ve seen a ton of posts on Instagram lately with the caption ” Find links to my outfit on 21 Buttons” and being the curious cat I am I had to check it out.

Got to admit it guys, I’ve been waiting for an app like this for years! If you’re like me and you don’t have over 10k on Insta (help a gal out and follow me!) Then you’ll be unable to add links to your InstaStories so directly linking your outfits for people to purchase is hard without linking them to you’re blog first.


I downloaded this app last week so I’m still new to it but willing to give a review for anyone curious like I was.

Firstly when you download the app, you’ll need to fill in your details, choose your “style” (e.g. Street Style) and then upload your first outfit. You add coloured dots to your image where you want to add links to each piece you’re wearing. You then find the store, and search for the item and voila… you have a direct link with the price of the item you’re wearing! Joining is so simple and then you can start to build your following.

Here’s a little step by step slideshow to help you upload… However like I said, its super easy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went through and followed people I’m interested in, Bloggers, YouTube’s and Fashion Gurus as well as some other people who’s style was similar to mine.

I was pretty chuffed with the app anyway without even seeing the Rewards section!

As you can see, no one has purchased a product through my profile yet so I’m unsure on the percentages but any amount of money would be great! If I see something I like online I try my hardest to find it on this app now so I can help a someone out!

Find me on 21 Buttons! @Nattfashion and leave your usernames below so I can follow you!

Natt xx


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