Mac Snowball Collection 2017

Hi everyone!

I’d been waiting for Mac to release their Snowball Collection for weeks, I had reminders on my phone and everything! I visited Macs website at around 9am on the day of release and managed to get myself the Elle Belle lip stick and the eyeshadow in Delicate Drift. Both of which sold out an hour later!

First of all, the packaging for this product is beautiful! So festive and looks very high quality!

Mac Snowball Collection 2017

I’m all for deep reds in the colder months so I knew I was going to purchase Elle Belle, but when it came the shadows I was unsure. After looking at swatches online, Delicate Drift seemed to be the one that stood out the most to me as something I would definitely wear.Mac Snowball Collection Eyeshadow Delicate Drift

When my products arrived I tried them on straight away!

Mac Snowball Collection Elle Belle Lipstick

Elle Belle is a beautiful bright, but still deep red with a slight pinky tone to it.

Mac Snowball Collection Lipstick Elle Belle

I kept this lip stick on all day to test it’s longevity and this was the result…

Mac Snowball Collection Elle Belle lipstick

I didn’t re apply it once, and I had lunch and drinks!

Delicate Drift if I’m honest was a bit of a disappointment. I have been blessed by the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palettes, that I use daily because of how highly pigmented they are! Because of this, I do expect the same quality from highly rated brands but unfortunately this shadow was more a light dust that if it catches the light looks beautiful but if not, you can’t even tell you’re wearing it.

Mac Snowball Collection Eyeshadow Delicate Drift

In the packaging it looks brill but it’s just not pigmented enough.

It took forever for me to get a picture where you can see the shadow. If you’re looking for something subtle then this is perfect.

I’m going to London in a couple of weeks for my birthday so if I see some snowball bits I’ll possibly get some pigments and may be another lip stick! However if they’re selling out in the stores at the same date they are online I’ve got no chance!

Did you pick any bits up from Mac’s Snowball Collection? Do you recommend anything?

Natt xx

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