Summer Beauty favourites

Hi everyone!

It’s finally autumn, and I always change up my makeup in the colder months. However, these are some products I’ve been absolutely loving and completely over using this Summer and 100% will carry over into Autumn and Winter!



Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightener – I discovered this stuff after watching one of Holly Boon’s YouTube videos. The value for money with this product is incredible and the quality is second to none. I’ve never used anything like this before that has actually worked, I really struggle with my dark circles and this completely erases them and acts as an amazing base for your concealer…

Mac Cosmetics Select Cover-Up Concealer – I apply this on top of my Becca Under Eye brightener and it works wonders. These two products really compliment each other and last ALL day! Again, this products value for money is great too, I only use an amount the equivalent of a grain of rice for both eyes and it really does spread.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder – This is the final step for my under eyes. I’ve been using this stuff for years and always go back to it. Like the above products, it lasts forever and it really does brighten your under eyes, but unlike other products it doesn’t leave just a white streak.

Nars Contour Blush in Olympia – I purchased this from SpaceNK back in August and I’ve used it every day since. I dabbled with the idea of purchasing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette purely to try how my skin worked well with the Banana coloured powders but this is so much better. The contour shade has a slight peach under tone to it which works great with my skin tone and I use the Banana powder under my contour and under my eyes when I’m not using the Laura Mercier Brightening Powder.

Lee Stafford Air Dry Foam – From school I’ve always been a huge fan of Lee Stafford’s hair products, and I’m always so excited when they release a new range. I was lucky enough to be sent this new product by Lee Stafford, which was a bit of a freak out moment for me! In the past I’ve never been a huge fan of foam/mousse textured hair products as I find them drying, however this is different. Add a conker sized amount (It is autumn after all) to your palm and add to wet hair. I don’t scrunch, I just brush this through my hair and leave it to ‘Air Dry’ naturally, I always add my Lee Stafford Coco Loco Balm to the ends along with this and it works wonders, No morning frizz and I don’t find myself almost ripping my hair out trying to brush it… even with a Tangle Teezer! I would definitely say wait until Lee Stafford is in the 3 for 2 in boots and grab a few of their products especially ‘Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length’ It helps your hair grow AND it makes it sooo soft!

Kerastase – My hair has grown rapidly in the last few months, which is brilliant. However, it’s also been incredibly dry so I needed a mask. Kerastase has always been my all time favourite hair brand since I discovered it around 7 years ago. Granted, it’s expensive but it’s worth it 100% and you only need to use the smallest bit no matter what product of theirs you purchase.

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin – I picked this products up in Boots last month as it was on offer for £5 and in the 3 for 2! Admittedly I bought it because it looked pretty and I love anything rose gold, I hadn’t heard a thing about it, but packaging is everything so naturally I picked it up… I’ve been using it every time I get out of the shower and its incredible, and the times when I’ve missed it out of my post shower routine, I can really feel the difference. If you’re lazy like me and also wake up too late and don’t have time to moisturise post shower, this will be your new best friend! I leave this in my bathroom and while I’m still in the shower I wack this on my legs and arms and carry on as normal. After about 2 minutes I dry it off and get on with my morning routine. I have always had dry legs and this had changed that completely, out of everything in my favourites I would say definitely give this a try!

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day – For my birthday last year, one of my closest friends treat me to a travel size bottle of the Slay All Day and I was obsessed. I tried my hardest not to over use it and save it for best but I found myself using this over my Fix Plus… and that serious! I finished my travel bottle last month and decided to purchase a full size and went for the Jasmine scent, which by the way is beautiful and soooo refreshing! I use this nearly every day now and I’m yet to repurchase my Fix Plus (which ran out last week!). It really does work, I’ve tried All Nighter, Pixi and I’ve tried Nyx and nothing works like this.

Natt xx























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