Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette Review

Hi everyone!

After what felt like forever… (10days) I finally received my Carli Bybel Deluxe Pallete from BH Cosmetics. I know I’ll probably get asked this so I’ll cover it first -The palette was $19.50 (£15.10) and shipping to the U.K was $9.76 (£7.56) and then I paid an additional £11.04 when it arrived in the U.K, all in all not bad considering the quality of the product, and when comparing it to brands like Too Faced who charge £53.00 for a mediocre palette, this little beauty is a bargain!

Update – this palette is reduced on beauty bay for just £12! Buy it here


I have the previous Carli bybel palette and swear by it so I knew that this one was going to be the same quality plus they’ve added additional shadows and highlights and the pigments are incredible!



The highlighters are so versatile and perfect for all skin tones.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 20.22.23

I use the baby pink and gold tones for an everyday look and the deeper colours for a night time look. Obviously I use my ride or die Spectrum brushes sirens set!

The shimmer shadows are stunning, these are my favourites with and without flash.


I’m a sucker for pinks and golds so this palette was perfect for me! I would highly recommend this guys, but if you’re still not sold on this one but want to give her palettes a go, definitely invest in her older palette, it’s limited edition and won’t be on sale forever so grab it while you can, you can get it from Beauty Bay.

What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette?

Natt xx


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