River Island Took All Of My Money!

Hi everyone!

I have been so busy with a work and doing our house up to sell that I have totally neglected my blog for over a month now… my bad. I will obviously show you all the work we have been doing to our house and a little dressing room tour too just before we move and start ALL OVER AGAIN, but it’s not quite finished yet.

In the spare time I have had I’ve been online shopping and nipping into my favorite high street store River Island on my lunch breaks to spend almost all of my hard earned cash on things I probably don’t need and definitely can’t fit into my wardrobes, yes wardrobes, 4 in fact, SEND HELP.

Here are a few bits I’ve been buying, all just to inspire you of course… you’re welcome guys, happy to help!

Pink Frill Sandals £45

Black and White Embroidered Cami £28

Black Cold Shoulder Embroidered Top £35

Pink Printed Babydoll Top £35

I’ve seen so much more that I want and payday is so close… plus I need holidays clothes as we’ve booked a week away for June! Here is current and ever changing Wishlist for River Island!


Orange Floral Playsuit £22.00

Black Chain Printed Dress £35.00

Pink Glitter Crossbody Bag £18.00

Light Blue Floral Swimsuit £40.00

Frayed Denim Shorts £30.00

Black Stud Heels £45.00

Pink And White Lace Midi Dress £80.00

Blue Floral Cold Shoulder Top £30.00

Pink Floral Midi Skirt £35.00

Cream Floral Print Playsuit £35.00

Happy Shopping!

Natt xx

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