Mac Mariah Carey Review 

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to do a review on these products for weeks but I wanted to wait and make sure my opinion was honest after I use the products a few times.                      Admittedly I only have the highlight and 1 lipstick, but if I’m honest I wasn’t all that impressed with the options available (colour wise). 

When thinking of Mariah Carey we all think glam and sparkle… I’m not a fan of her if I’m honest, but I’m definitely a sucker for anything sparkly! The packaging is beautiful but the products just don’t do anything for me. They’re so shimmery and thin that they have very little pigment. The highlight is more of an eyeshadow texture and colour and the lipstick wears off after a few minutes! Such a disappointment.

I’m not selling these items right now purely because they’re great for my dressing table but I can’t say it isn’t something I’ll consider in the future. 

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Natt xx

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