Fitness Wear and Equipment

Hi everyone!

As most people this time of year I’ve been on a bit of a health kick, eating better and exercising more. For my birthday in November my lovely boyfriend bought me a Fitbit Flex 2, which I’ve worn nearly everyday since then.


I have a gym membership but find it hard to get there so I purchased a cute pink Pineapple mat and 10kg kettle bell from Very, this way I can exercise more often at home even if it is just for 30mins before or after work.

I play workout videos from Youtube on my tv, my favourite videos are BodyCoachTV by Joe Wicks’ HIIT sessions and BodyFit by Amy. I have only lost a few pound so far but my goal is to lose 3 stone (42lbs).


Even though I’m in the house and the only other person who can see me is my boyfriend, I love buying new workout clothes, there’s so much choice out their plus its great motivation!

Here’s my favourite workout clothes on the market…

Nike Metallic Cropped Leggings £22.99

Missguided Grey Leggings £16

Pink Soda Crop Top  £5

Nike Mint & Rose Gold Trainers  £115

Sweaty Betty Top  £115

Sweaty Betty Leggings £90

Nike Tank Top  £30

Nike Ombre Leggings £35

Nike Hurricane Trainers £100

Only Play Leggings (Asos)  £32

Berlei Gym Bra (Asos) £42

Nike Gym Bag £34.99

All of these pieces are definitely on my wish list.

I will be posting progress posts every few months and hopefully we will see a difference and I will post what tips I have too!

Natt xx

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