Salon Science Honest Review

Hi everyone!

I was contacted about 2 weeks ago by one of the lovely girls at Salon Science suggesting a collaboration. I was thrilled to be contacted by such a prestigious brand and replied to their email as soon as I had read it (No shame).

They suggested sending me some of their products to try out and share my experience with you guys. I explained my situation with drandruff and also how I love having volumous bouncy hair. They decided to send me their 4 peice Celluluxe range for Volume and their Hydrasorb intensive masque for a scalp relief.

The first of the products I used was the 4 peice Celluluxe range, this included the shampoo, conditioner, intensive masque and the scalp tonic. This range is designed to volumise the hair with a lightweight formula, leaving the hair feeling full and thick but also feather light, which it definitely did. The scalp tonic also allowed hair to feel very clean and made it a lot more manageable when drying and styling. I will continue to use this 4 peice treatment as I imagine I will see the best effects of this after a few uses.

I then used the Hydrasorb on my next hair wash and was surprised with the outcome. I usually find products designed primarily for the scalp to be quite drying, however this was the complete opposite, my hair was left so shiny and soft and my scalp felt so clean! I used my usual Head and Shoulders shampoo and this masque for 5 minutes afterwards and was so happy with the results. Salon Science also do a Cooling Spray in this Hydrasorb range which would be perfect for people who suffer with an irritable scalp.               I would recommend using the full set for the best results however the masques are amazing and I find a using a masque atleast once a week on your hair improves it’s health and strength as well as adding a soft and shiny effect!

The Salon Science products are available at Boots, and are currently on 3 for 2 in store and online. These products are large and you do not need to use a huge about to get the best results, especially with the masques. They are definitely worth the money!

Hope you’re all enjoying the run up to Christmas. (4 more sleeps)!

Natt xx

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