Head and Shoulders Review (My Haircare Routine)

Hi everyone!

This is quite a personal post for me but I know I’m not the only one to have dealt with this! You’re not alone girls, and guys!

For the past year I’ve been dealing with ever increasing dandruff and super dry ends, and I can’t quite put my finger on what has caused it as it could be a number of things I have changed recently such as my diet, new shampoo, contraception or even the stress of work. It started with just greasier hair than usual and then small amounts of dandruff and then to the point were recently I’m combing out the flakes straight after I’ve washed and dried my hair. Plus the ends of my hair started to look like straw!

I had a treatment called Nioxin around 3/4 months ago which I was trilled with and even wrote a post on the experience. It banished my dandruff and left my hair feeling like silk root to tip, however it was only for a short time and I would need the treatment every 6 weeks which can become a large expense.

My dandruff got so bad recently that I didn’t even want to leave the house and that’s when I knew I needed to start trying a number of products to banish it. My scalp was itching and It started to become really painful. I always knew that Head and Shoulders was an Anti-Dandruff haircare range, however I’d only heard bad reviews about it mainly from hair care professionals and this worried me as these are the people I trust with my hair! After talking to a couple of friends who only had positive things to say about Head and Shoulders I decided to take the plunge and buy the Classic Clean shampoo. I popped to Asda to pick up a bottle and rushed home to wash my hair. I washed it twice with the shampoo and tried my hardest to wash and massage my head like a hairdresser would so I really got the product into my scalp. I then used the Elvive NutriGloss Conditioner on the ends of my hair and even as I got out of the shower my head and scalp felt so much cleaner and lighter.

Once out of the shower I used my Lee Stafford Coco Loco Blow and Go Lotion and the Argan Oil Heat Defence spray on the ends and lightly on the top of my head whilst damp then I began to dry my roots. I left the tips wet as I like to leave them to dry naturally.

I purposely didn’t write this review for a while as I wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied with the results. I have now been using this shampoo and conditioner combination for 3 months and can honestly say I love it. My scalp and hair feel so clean and soft plus my dandruff is none existent. I know that everyones hair is different and the same product won’t always work the same way for someone else but I’m so happy with the results and I know it can help someone else, especially if they are sceptical about Head and Shoulders like I was!

Natt xx

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