Sessions Spa Beverley Review

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough to attend a very exclusive event at Sessions Spa in Beverley. I’d never been there before so I didn’t know what to expect at all!

We was told to bring swimwear and that we was having a massage and our hair styled which was definitely well needed after the stress of work and uni!              We arrived at 4pm and were taken straight into the spa where we changed into our swimwear and a dressing gown and slippers. We waited in the relaxation room until we was asked to go through for our massages!

I’ve never really had a professional massage before and I’d been at the gym in the morning so I asked for it to be ‘firm’…

And it really was! She used Espa products on us which feel great on the skin and all smell amazing! After our massages we went back into the relaxation room and waited to go and get our hair styled. My stylish was Lisa and she as lovely, I asked for just a trim and it really was JUST A TRIM which was perfect. She used Keratase products on my hair which was great as these seem to work a treat for me .

After all of that we also received a goodie bag full of sample products from the Espa range, Carita and Delilah.

We was all treat like celebs from start to finish and I will without a doubt be visiting again! Take a look on the website for prices! SessionsSpa

Natt xx

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