Mac lipsticks 

Hi everyone!

I’ve been collecting lipsticks for years now but since trying my very first Mac lipstick last year (Velvet Teddy) I was hooked!

I live in Hull and unfortunately we don’t have a Mac counter so I usually buy my Mac products online. I always find that before I purchase a lipstick or even eyeshadow I’ll google the shade for a swatch. I thought I would show you all the Mac lipsticks I have with swatches too!  

You can tell which one is my favourite already… so I’ll start with that one!

Velvet Teddy

Please me







As you can tell I love my nudes and purple/pinks! I need to invest in more reds. I’m visiting London next weekend and will definitely buy some more then! I’ll also be doing a London Haul so keep your eyes peeled.

Natt xx


    1. I would say so yeah, I rarely used lip liner with it too and it stays on great 🙂 it’s quite Creamy too so not as drying as others xx

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