Spectrum Makeup Brushes and a Quiz Clothing review

Hi everyone!

I was planning on doing this post months ago but I completely forgot about it!

I was lucky enough to win a competition and recieve all of these beautiful Spectrum makeup brushes, as well as a quiz voucher (I’ll discuss that experience at the end) These brushes are from their sirens collection.

Before I received these brushes I was using the Real Techniques bold metals range, which I admit are good but they’re nothing compared to these. They’re so well made and definitely worth the money PLUS they look amazing! I’d always wanted some of these but didn’t want to spend the money so I’m really greatful I won!

Since winning the competition I’ve used these brushes everyday and have had absolutely no problems with them. They’re so well made and not a single brissle has fallen off which I found to be a bit problem with the Real Techniques range. I find now that my makeup is so much better and I’m experimenting more with different eyeshadows as I now have the proper brushes to create the effects.

Buy your sirens brushes here!

Also check out the new marble range here.

Quiz Clothing

As part of this competition win I also won an £80 voucher to spend at Quiz, although this is not somewhere is usually shop I was still very happy with the win and managed to find some beautiful peices on their website. I emailed over straight after the win explaining who I was, I then received an email back saying I had to wait 2 weeks for a voucher code. This seemed odd but I didn’t want to seem ungreatful so I was happy to wait. During this time I received the brushes which arrived 3 days after I won packaged perfectly with a beautiful note congratulating me on my win.

After the 2 weeks I heard nothing so I emailed again prompting them. I asked if it would be easier if they sent me a voucher to use in store but they said they don’t do in store vouchers, which was a lie because I had seen them in the store before.

We exchanged numerous emails over 3 weeks and in the end she sent me a voucher code to use online, I filled my basket with products worth £90 and used the code but the code had no money on it and did not work. They accused me of lying when I emailed, I stressed to them I wasn’t and then I had no reply for around a week. After 4-5 weeks of waiting and almost giving up, I received a call out of the blue, it was the person I had been emailing regarding the voucher she very very rudely asked me for my Visa card number so I could pay for the items. I was confused as she didn’t introduce herself properly, so I asked who she was and why she needed my details, she then snapped at me saying she was from Quiz and I had £10 left to pay for my order. I gave them a card which I rarely used and had barely any money on it. 1 week later I received my package, the items were to a good standard but I would definitely not shop with them again.

I understand this is a bit of a long rant but I feel it needed to be addressed, the level of customer service is so poor that I would not recommend them at all.

Since then I have watched closely to the other winners of their competitions and have seen tweets complaining about them. Although we are competition winners I feel that we should still be treat as buying customers, if I was to receive excellent service I would have shopped with them again and blogged about what I got, however because of my experience I won’t.

Thanks for reading guys!

Natt xx

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