What I got for Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday (Valentine’s day) I was at work which obviously wasn’t the best but I got to spend Valentine’s Day with my work family so it wasn’t all bad! Love you guys!

Me and my boyfriend make a budget of £50 for Valentine’s Day as its not really worth going crazy for and plus we have a lot more important things to buy for our house… Like our new kitchen which I will show you before and after pictures of soon! I’d bought him a Ralph Lauren scarf in the sale and a tshirt from Asos, I know what he’s like so I knew he would spend more even though we have a budget!

I’d had my eyes on these bits for a while and not so subtly hinted!

The heels were from Oasis, I haven’t actually had chance to wear them yet but they’re sooo pretty I can’t stop staring at them! 
I’ve wanted a pair of jeggings for a while as they’re so comfy and easy to wear with anything, these were from River Islands new jegging range, I’ve worn these three times already in not even a week, I want them in every colour.

This pandora charm is from their Valentine’s range, I love pink and as soon as I saw it I fell in love. Plus the Pandora Valentine’s bags are so cute!

What did you get for Valentine’s Day or what did you treat yourself to?

Natt xx

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