Hi everyone!

Last week I visited my hairdressers for a Nioxin treatment, I had heard of this before but wasn’t really sure what it actually did.

Nioxin is a treatment for the scalp and roots, it unclogs your scalp and gives it a deep clean. It’s great if you’re hair is thinning as the reason could be that your roots are clogged up, this will clean them and stimulate hair growth, plus the hair that grows is thicker and healthier!

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a before picture but all I can say is that my hair was soooo dry.

As my roots are very dark you can see the dandruff in my hair if I haven’t washed it for 2 days. I wouldn’t say I struggle with dandruff but if I do leave my hair for 2-3 days without a wash… it’s not pretty! This is my hair after the wash, as you can see my scalp is really clean.

As part of the treatment you get a beautiful detox blow dry, I had no cut and colour applied and it looks asthough I’ve had a toner added and a trim!

  My hairdresser is Sam Jones, you can find her on Facebook and book your appointment with her. If you quote my name when booking she will give you this treatment and blow dry for just £30!

Salon – Saffron Hart Salon in Anlaby, Hull

Natt xx

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