Updated Everyday Makeup Routine 

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently updated my everyday makeup routine with a few new products so I thought I’d show you guys what I have and my opinions. None of this is sponsored and I have paid for them items myself (or been gifted by family and friends!)

I’m a Estée Lauder double wear girl ago heart and have been for 3 years. I’ve noticed that the bottle is lasting me around 4-5 weeks so I’m buying a new bottle monthly and it’s becoming almost like a direct debit of £33 for me! Sounds like nothing but when you add it up…

I’ve never used Mac foundations before purely just because I’ve never thought about it but I decided to try them out, considering it’s almost £10 cheaper than the double wear it’s really good! The only downside is the smell, I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s got a really odd smell to it. I use my Benefit porefessional before hand and then add the foundation with my real techniques beauty blender. I then add stay don’t try to my eyelids and under my eyes and then my Charlotte Tilbury concealer under my eyes. The stay don’t stray is a must have, it’s so good and it really does work. Next I do my eyebrows with my eyelure pallet, which I’m still learning to do, but I feel like watching around 200tutorials has helped slightly, I guess I’m just a slow learner!

Next I use the makeup revolution eye pigment, I’m not one for a lot of eyeshadow purely because my eyes are so big I look like a drag queen. I use a small thin liner brush to apply this as a substitute to liner on my eyelash line. Before I add the pigment to my brush I spray with a makeup setter to make the pigment stand out even more. I picked two of these pigments up from super drug  in the sale for £1 each, they’re honestly amazing they stay on all day and are so pigmented… Obviously!

My Roller Lash is just ace, it’ll be hard for me to change my mascara as I haven’t found anything as good since I started using it, I always get compliments when in wearing it and even though it is £19.50 lasts me months and I wear it everyday.

I must admit, I don’t tend to wear lipstick everyday or highlight either especially for work as I just don’t see the point. However when I do, these are my favourite products…

Mac Velvet Teddy on the left and Mac Twig on the right both are matte shades

My favourite highlighters are The balms Cindy-Lou Manizer and Makeup Revolutions Golden Sugar Palette

Natt xx


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