Top 5 Lipstick Must Haves

Hi everyone!

In the past month I’ve been going crazy on makeup purchases and my lipstick collection is getting ridiculous!

This post will be my top 5 favourite lipsticks and I recommend you try them all!

1)  Too Faced ‘Melted Nude’

I’m nude obsessed when it comes to lipstick, I’d seen this on Sarah Ashcroft and had to try it. It’s gorgeous, the application is so smooth and the colour is beaut!

2) Mac ‘Twig’ 

This is a great alternative to a nude or brown lipstick it’s got a deep pink tinge to it and looks great with any skin tone or outfit!

3) Colour Pop Ultra Matte in ‘Midi’

I purchased this from Amazon as I’d heard great things but it’s only available in the US. The coverage is great and it stays on all day even when you’re eating. When applied it’s glossy but after a couple of seconds it turns matte, such a good idea!

4) Revlon ‘Black Cherry’ 

This lipstick is the perfect winter colour, I usually wear this with something black and high neck, it glams up any outfit!

5) Laqa and Co Lip Lube in ‘Grape Scotch’

This is a sample I received in my birchbox but I love it. The purple/pink colour is so different to anything I’ve used before and it smells great, it comes in 3 different colours but I would recommend to try this one first.
Birthday post coming soon!

Natt xx



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