Dressing Room!

I have been so busy lately and have had no chance to make a post in nearly a month!

I thought I would do a little lifestyle post today as even though it’s not finished… I have a new and improved dressing room!   If you follow me on Instagram (@natthill) I’ve popped a little virtual tour video on there to show my full room, and this post will be the links to the furniture!

Me and my boyfriend took a trip to Ikea last week with absolutely no intention of buying anything but we ended up spending way too much, buying a new corner sofa, 2 cupboards and a desk!

This desk is great, the draw is massive and the shelves at the side are so handy. In time I’m going to place a mirror on the wall with these lights at either side…
But for now I’m using a hand held mirror. My makeup is currently stored in this acrylic box which is purchased from Home Bargains for £5! Such a bargain considering how big it is and the amount of compartments. Buy it here

I’m very indecisive about this mannequin as although I love it, I have very little use for it and it takes up so much room. I purchased it from The Range, it was around 2 years ago, however they sell a ton of them there with different designs so if you’re looking for once I’d recommend checking The Range. I’ve wrapped some cute rose designed LED lights from primark around it, I Intend to buy more of these lights and put them into a vase.

These cupboards are literally the best purchase I have ever made! They’re massive and have so much room inside. The mirrors on the front and a great size for selfies🙋🏼 and make the room look a lot bigger! Plus, at £140 each they’re an absolute steal! Buy them here!

I’ll be doing a Autumn Favourites post soon so keep a look out!

Natt xx

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