My Hair Care Routine 

Hi everyone!

The condition of my hair has improved so much recently that I’ve decided to share with you how I’ve done this!

I’ve used a ton of different products on my hair before, some costing next to nothing and some at ridiculously high prices. I picked up these two at home bargains for £1 each purely for the pretty packaging. 

I use the shampoo as normal and then leave the deep conditioner hair treatment on for about 10minutes and rinse, it leaves my hair so soft and shiny! I’ve had his same routine for around 3 months now and it’s amazing!

Last month I nipped into home bargains again for some more and noticed the matching oil treatment also for £1!

I use this before drying my hair, I place a small pea sized amount on my palm and rub into the ends of my hair, it leave them so soft and shiny!

I’m always scanning through the Internet looking for new items to add to my beauty regime. Coconut Oil is great for cooking but is also amazing for your skin and hair, I picked up a 500ml tub of Oderless (I’m not a fan of the smell) coconut oil from tesco for £2.75.

When curling my hair it’s often really frizzy and hard to tame, I use the coconut oil to tame it, it makes my hair so soft instantly and stays in place all day. I also used this blog post for ideas of what else to use the oil for, it’s a really good read to take a look.  Coconut oil benefits

I would really recommend getting a tub of this oil girls (& guys) it’s great! My full hair care and beauty regime currently costs me £5.75 and lasts around a month (the coconut oil lasts years)!

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Natt xx

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