June Wishlist 

I’ve been working loads lately so I can have plenty of money so spend in the summer on all the things I want!

Missguided will always be my go-to for anything clothes related. I love to variety and the constant updated ‘new in’ section! These are my current favourite pieces from Missguided, however tomorrow they’ll probably be new things and no doubt I’ll want them all too!

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers wearing culottes lately and I was so certain the wouldn’t suit me, however I popped into Matalan just to try a pair on so I would know what they looked like, and I absolutely love them! They’re so slimming, granted… they do make your bottom look a little flat, but that’s not a problem for me as mine is way too big anyway!  Here are my favourite culottes and culottes jumpsuits.

I’m usually not a fan of rusty colours, suede and fringe, however the more im seeing it online the more peices I want! My boho/festival style favourites;

What’s on your June or summer wishlist?

Natt xx

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