Hair Rehab

My hair has been absolutely ruined over the years by dyes and heat and literally does not grow anymore.
I wear clip in extensions now and then but try not to as that pulls my hair out!
I’ve tried a few products lately which have really helped my hair.

Buy them here!
John Freda Full repair
Redken Extreme Anti Snap
Redken All Soft Velvet Whip

My hair is usually so dry but after using the full repair, I then wait until my hair is damp, I then add the split end repair to the ends of my hair and spread the gold throughout the rest of my hair. I leave it to dry naturally if I have time, it dries curly usually but if I brush it frequently as its drying I don’t have to use much heat to straighten it.
I’ve also started adding the velvet whip to my hair before I go to bed for when it’s feeling a little dry and a when I wake up it’s super soft!
I couldn’t recommend these items more girls! If your hair needs that little lift these should definitely be at the top of your shopping list!

Messy up do! I created this with Bobby pins and a just little bit of hairspray. Try it out!

Natt xx

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