I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon with all the New Years Resolutions posts. I’m hoping this year will be a big one for me, I’m planning to move out of where I’m living now and Into a house and I will start my last year on uni!

I want to focus more on myself this year, plan a bit more and look after myself.

Save save save
Saving is key at this time In my life, I am currently attempting to save but I’m finding it hard because of my shopaholic ways. I already own a premium bonds account with money saved, so I will continue to add to that with the hope I’ll win one of their monthly draws!

I’m always on the move and never have time to sit and eat something nutritious. However being busy is no excuse and I’m determined to look after myself send actually use my gym card I’ve been paying for all year!

Education and work
Focusing more on uni and the career path I want to take is crucial at the moment as I’m coming into the last year of my course in September.
I need to get placements and plan a career for myself so I’m not left in the dark when I finish my course.

I love blogging and need to make it a daily occurrence, I’ve ordered 2 books to motivate me – Sophie Woodward’s “Why Women Wear What They Wear” and Zoe Sugg’s “Girl Online”.
I will also write blog weekly and monthly plans, this will help me when hunting for Inspiration.

What are your New Years Resolutions?
Comment 🙂
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Natt xx

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