Birthday and Xmas wish list

Little bit of a Michael Kors obsession but I just can’t help myself!
I love the vivienne Westwood pumps, it will match perfectly with the olivia burton watch!
I really want a MacBook, it would help me out for uni and my blog.
The vivienne Westwood earrings are super cute!
The Kors phone case and bracelet would match the bag which I am absolutely in love with!!
I’ve always wanted a Polaroid camera and this fujifilm instax in pink is the perfect camera for me, I would probably print them and stick them on the inside of my wardrobe.
I love the colour of the dkny purse it’s sooo nice and is so smart!
These snake print topshop trousers are beautiful, they are a little pricey at £42 but I love them!
Finally, the Alexander wang jumper is stunning, it would be perfect for the winter season and you could dress it up or down.

Comment letting me know your Xmas wish list.
Natt xx

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