Liebster award

Today I was nominated for this award by beauty blogger Paige.

Rules 🙂
Answer the questions that are sent to you
Nominate bloggers who have under 200 followers on twitter
Ask them 12 questions of your own
Notify them that they’ve been nominated

These are my answers 🙂

1) You’re current favourite trend?
Faux fur! And lots of it
2) Best thing about Autumn?
Comfy coats
3) All time favourite lip product?
Model and co party proof lipstick in the colour ‘kitty’
4) Favourite Autumn/Winter food?
Warm and filling Sunday roasts
5) If you had to choose one product that you could never change again, what would it be?
My foundation – Estée Lauder double wear
6) Last person you spoke to?
My best friend and boyfriend ♥️
7) What is your day job/would you like to blog full time or just a hobby?
I’m at uni and work part time in a jewellers but I’d love to blog fulltime!
8) Who’s your current favourite blogger? Sarah Ashcroft 100%
9) Candle lover? If so, what’s your fav brand/scent?
Summer scoop by Yankee
10) Product you could not live without?
My benefit they’re real mascara
11) What product is currently at the top of your wishlist?
Daisy dream perfume
12) Product that disappointed you?
Bootea detox I was not impressed

I nominate
Toni Clarke
Abigail vance

My questions

1) what’s your favourite thing to blog about? (mine is my outfit)
2) what’s your favourite beauty product?
3) what’s your favourite designer
4) how did you get into blogging
5) what’s your easy go-to outfit?
6) who’s your favourite blogger?
7) favourite colour? (Mine is pink 🙊)
8) favourite cocktail?
9) go-to lipstick colour?

Blog your answers and tweet your page tagging #liebsteraward

Natt xx

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