Skincare essentials

I thought I’d share my favourite beauty products with you guys!
I don’t use these all together everyday but they’re bits that I alternate depending on how my skin feels that day, as they each do different things for me!


lavera hand cream
The lavera hand creme is amazing, it makes your hands feel super soft!

body shop body butter
The bodyshop butters are perfect for dry skin, I have eczema and my legs always get dry, I used this before and while I was abroad this summer and they stayed moisturised all week and they smell amazing!

liz earle hot cleanser
This stuff is a god send! When you buy this you also receive a cleansing cloth to apply it with. It’s so refreshing and is perfect for after you’ve taken your makeup off at night!

benefit it’s potent eye cream
I use this nearly every morning and night as my eyelids always feel a bit tight in after I’ve taken my makeup off.
It’s also a great base before you put your makeup on. My makeup used to always stray around my eyes but if I put this on before hand it stays on all day.

naobay body radience lotion
I use this now and then and find its really good for dry skin!

sarah mcnamara skin transformer
This stuff literally is a skin transformer, I definitely need more I’ve nearly run out, all of Sarah McNamara’s products are amazing, it makes your skin so soft

clinique clarifying lotion 2
clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion
Before using this I used to have dry skin around my mouth and it was really embarrassing! I went to my local Clinique counter at Debenhams and asked if they could help, she gave me these two products… I used them for about 2 weeks every night and I can’t thank Clinique enough, I use these every day and my dry skin on my face has never returned after a whole year, facing all seasons!

body shop seaweed cleansing facial wash
I discovered this beauty last year and I will never turn back, it gives you that refreshing cold feeling after every use, I couldn’t recommend this enough, plus if you’re like me and use the benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara (which is like tar) it takes it off really easily meaning no more awful wipes which dries you out completely!
Make sure you take advantage of body shops discounts, I’ve never paid full price for anything there… Get you’re self a bodyshop card, you get 10% off all year round and collect stamps everytime you spend £10!

Let me know what your favourite skincare products are!

Natt xx

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